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Bare this is mind we need miners to supply crafters and need crafters to supply miners and hunters
Without miners we have no crafting items such as amps for miners and no L guns for hunters.

So Miners are the Backbone of Entropia

We need at least 3 fulltime miners and these miners need to be able to deposit certain materials into the crafting bank.

We need a minimum of 3 crafters

1 to make amps for mining and hunting
1 to make Weapons and Amps
1 to make tools and Components

At the moment we will not be focusing on amour and clothes.

And we will need at least 3 hunters that can loot some of the higher resources found from some of the tougher mobs ie Aurils.

The crafting bank will store materials so that when crafters are online they will have a role of fulfilling orders for the miners and or hunters.
Heroman will store these materials with a excel spreadsheet to records deposit from each player to earn credits or alternatively a new avatar will be created just to serve this purpose and the user name and password will only be given to a select few players in case I am not online, the excel sheet will be on the forum so players can look at it and update it details by overwriting the original.

We have different levels of miners because normally finds are found by the types of finder they use and the skill level needed to use them, so there is no point sending someone in Falx area with a MF101 with only level 1 in surveying as his Matter finder as he will not reach the depth need to get good finds.

Below is a list of suggested roles to suit certain skills.

Level 3 Miner = Gazzuridite - Caldorite - Typonolic Gas – Erodium – Ingisisum
Level 2 Miner = Zinc – Colbalt – Cumbriz – Narcarisum – Lytarian - Blaus Etc.
Level 1 Miner = Oil – Lysterium – Belkar – Garcen – Melchi - Alicenies Etc.

Level 3 Crafter = Weapons - L Guns – Gun Amps
Level 2 Crafter = Attachments - Ore Amps - Matter Amps
Level 1 Crafter = Tools - Components

Level 3 Hunters = Animal Pancreas Oil
Level 2 Hunters = Animal Thyroid Oil
Level 1 Hunters = Animal Eye Oil

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