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Have you ever looked in your inventory and seen all these materials and wondered what you can make with all the blueprints, i have, and thought what a huge job it would be to look at all your blueprints and trying to match with your materials.

Well what if all you had to do was copy the txt from your entropia items directory and paste it into a box and then press a button and then it displayed everything you could possibly make. all in less than a minute when it would normally take you hours if you had heaps of materials and 1ooo's blueprints.

Imagine all those BPS you forgot about and all those materials sitting there doing nothing well follow the 3 steps below and prepare to be amazed.

The Crafting wizard will calculate what you can craft from the resources and blueprints you have in your inventory.

Login to the Entropia Universe web site. EU ITEMS DIRECTORY

Go to My Items and copy the text by first clicking ctrl+a or "Select all" in the menu (to mark all)
and then ctrl+c or "Copy" in the meny (to copy all).

Then go to BOB the Builder Inventory Wizard

And then Paste the text into the my items calculate box area : (ctrl+v or "Paste" in the menu)

and then press the Calculate button

There is also a section where if you have different materials and wondered what blueprints use it,
This is called the crafting wizard see link Crafting Wizard this wizard is for when u dont have a blueprint and want to know what blueprint to buy in order to use the materials.

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