New Crafters Bank Excel Spreedsheet

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New Crafters Bank Excel Spreedsheet Empty New Crafters Bank Excel Spreedsheet

Post by HEROMAN on Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:39 am

OK this is for the miners and Crafters i have finished for the time being a excel spreadsheet with allot of automatic cells that will update themselves ie look at the totals fields when entering data into single players fields.

I have created a separate sheet for each players and a grand totals page for the entire soc took a fair bit of juggling to get the consolidation to work if you have any problems viewing this spreadsheet i.e. this means you snake it is still because of your version of Microsoft office is outdated.

Anyways please download and have a look if you cant downoad try again later as the site i have stored it on may be down from time to time.



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