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Post by HEROMAN on Sun May 04, 2008 2:48 pm

Just a reminder if anyone needs sweat to make up for mindessence, just ask i have been sweating heaps because funds are a bit short, too many bills atm and no job means no money for fun and games which leave me to do the only thing in game which is free but mind numbingly boring but still lets me get online and it doesnít take too much effort meaning i can lay on the couch and just press one button.

So if ya need Sweat its going to be 6 ped per 1000 Bottles Selling in 1k Units Only, market price is normally between 5.5 and 6 i figure you wont mind paying the extra half a ped seeing its for another mxm member besides i would do the same for any other crew that was broke too Smile and we arenít talking about a heaps of money oki and sweating is hard work.
Oh yeah and Nexus is about 140% Markup.

If you cant be bothered buying nexus to mix with it to make Mind Essence then i can sell ya Pre made "ME" for 220% Mark-up Normally Market price is 200% up to 250% avergae being about 220%

Sweat = 6 Ped Per 1000 Bottles
Sweat = 5.5 Ped Per 1000 amounts over 4000 Bottles

Mind Essence = 22 Ped for 1000 Is 220% Markup
Mind Essence = 43 Ped for 2000 Is 210% Markup
Mind Essence = 80 Ped per 4000 Is 200% Markup

If you require more than 2k of Me Please put a post here to give me a chance to make up some more and any order of 4k or more is discounted for 200% mark-up Smile

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