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You may have noticed two icons on the top bar, Recruits and Squads which also means member list and user groups the main difference being user groups are allowed to do things and see things that the members cannot for eg example if you are a recruit then when you click on the gallery link you will not see some pictures i have uploaded in the catagory mining globals or not see the catagory at all.

I think you will find this is a great feature for the founders to display personal and sensitive information to those only in the group ie my globals pictures that i have included cords for my finds you would not normally tell the world as this could lead to over mining and thus reduce its importance and do yourselves and us a injustice and defeat the purpose of this society.

The other purpose of having groups is they will directly interact with the rank of yourselves in game, and because you guys have gotten in on the ground floor of this soc and the fact that i have known you and trusted over the time i have spent in EU DF and DFA you get to automatically start in the highest rank which is the mxmfounders this rank is also higher than the highest rank in game which is general.

So the higher the rank in game the more information, pictures, rights and responsibilities you will receive.

How far can this go ?

The cap for the founders could be 9 Originals Founders = mxmfounders Sqaud
General Squad
Colonels Squad
Captains Squad
Sergeant Squad

For Newer Members:

What powers and responsibilities these ranks have is something to discuss in another topic:

So as it stands atm we have Admin, Gallahad, HEROMAN, JDaddy, Snake.
But galahad and snake are not part of the mxmfounders squad and their names are not blue and they wont be able to see the gobals pictures until they are accepted you must go to the squads link and then click on mxmfounder link then a msg will be sent to me and only until i accept into the squad will you have the writes of us,
This will prevent browsers on the site just registering which is automatic and then viewing our goodies.

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