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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:54 pm

Hi Guys in the past when i first designed this forum i was trying to use the calander feature but found that the background colour was white and the txt overlay was also white which caused the problem of not being able to see the event created without runnning your mouse over each day to see if there was a event well i finally worked out how to change it and now the background is black so a a glance you can see if there is a event in white on black sounds simple but heh it wasn't at the time.
So now that it is easier to see maybe now i can go back to using it.

So just for your info whenever you created a topic if you look down the page a bit you will see these settings.

Calendar event: Enter the - Day - Month - Year
Hour of the event: It is 24 Hour Time, Eg from 20 to 24
During: How many Days,Hours,Mins Does the event go for EG: 2 days 2 hours 2 mins

Just fill in the info into the fields and " Heh Presto " when you make the post it will appear in the event calander as well.

So give it a go sometimes you may surprise your self and others.

Cheers Admin

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