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Dont know if you guys have heard of this event thats going on last post by them has been about this sunday and i think its leading up to it.
Dear Colonists,
The Entropia Guides will host an event this Sunday (29/6) at 19:00 UTC. If you are late you might not be able to join, so be there in time. There will be only one winner who will get one of the screens from the recent CryEngine exhibition. Meet us outside the Gales Trailer in Downer Fox.
Simon and Emma

Guide Event
26 June 2008

There have been these two picture in port atlantis in the arrival house.

I believe it talks about a certain type of mob that looks like a turttle pig moneky

And its in a place that has red soil or is in the red pvp or in a place when blood was spilled during a mech invasion in the past

And it refers to a time a day and a month.

In any riddle something times or minus nothing allways = Nothing so ingore those clues

Behold another M i think is M for mob or mech

Maybe its in pvp 1 where the new two sites are

EBN: Rx Troop Landing
13 June 2008

Rx troops have just been spotted arriving at their base in PvP 1. The landing party seem to be on a reconnaissance mission in the area. Caution is advised to all colonists.

And clamaoids look like monkey faced.

Anyways just throwing around some ideas

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