Limited Edition Real-world EU coins

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Limited Edition Real-world EU coins

Post by HEROMAN on Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:38 am

Two Days to Go

For the past couple of weeks, Limited Edition Collector's Coins have been dropping all over Calypso. They will reportedly be lootable until the end of the month, after which they will never drop again! It is thought all bots may drop them, and certainly Drones, Warriors and Second Entities have.

Drone 01,03 and warriors 01,03 and segs have been dropping them.

Also the rumore is the the warriors gens also are dropping some cool news swords along with it.

So whos up for a hunt this week end post ya avaliabilty Times

Peter Coppersmith lent me his Slamander Armour for the week so i am ready and waiting.

Went out on a test run and got me 2 globals a 120 pedder and a 175 pedder and a 17 ped esi yehaa

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