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Post by HEROMAN on Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:44 am

Just a example of what i mean of going back to basic of team hunting.

Today was bored and only had 3k of ammo left so i went down to neas to do some sweating while i was there i was getting tied of getting my ass kicked and suggested to the general noobs heh anyone wanna team up with me grab your appolas and when we finihsed sweating a mob and its dry we can concentrate our fire and take down these ambis a appoloa 6 - 8 players with Oppolas easy money most of us went through 2 k of ammo and then bang got us a ISIS LR-63 Worth a cool 400+ peds.

Moral we where naked no armour and we hand hardley any decay and got a split of 70 ped each so can still hunt the big mobs even the health regaining mobs on the cheap.

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